Pharmacy Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seattle Children’s Pharmacy Portal?

A free, secure online website that allows you to refill most of your Seattle Children’s prescriptions through our pharmacies. You can log in from any device connected to the Internet.

Who can use the Pharmacy Portal?

Legal guardians of patients 12 years old and younger and patients 18 years old and older receiving care at Seattle Children’s can create an account.

What can I see and do?

The Pharmacy Portal includes prescriptions we have filled at our Seattle or Bellevue pharmacies in the past. In the portal, you can:

  • Request a refill
  • View current prescriptions
  • Ask us to contact your provider for more refills

How do I refill prescriptions through the portal?

  1. Go to: the Pharmacy Portal homepage
  2. Choose your pick-up location.
  3. Log in to an existing account or Register to create a new account. If you are creating a new account, use the email you gave us to register.

Is it secure?

Yes. Access to the Pharmacy Portal and the information in it is controlled by strict security measures. As a member, you control all of your own account information, including your personal username and password. Learn about our privacy policy.

How do I order prescriptions for multiple patients?

You must create an account for each patient with a unique username and password for each patient.

How far back can I see my prescriptions?

After a prescription has expired, it no longer displays so is no longer eligible for refills. Most prescriptions expire after 6 months or 1 year.

Can I refill all my Seattle Children’s prescriptions through the Pharmacy Portal?

No. These prescriptions are not eligible for refills through the portal:

  • Those that have expired.
  • Those that have never been filled through our Seattle or Bellevue pharmacies. If you have a prescription from a Seattle Children’s provider that you have not filled through our pharmacies before, you will need to call us.
  • Some pain and ADHD medicines. However, you can request that we contact your provider for these refills through the portal.

Questions about your prescriptions or the site?

Call the pharmacy at 206-987-2138 (Seattle) or 206-884-9120 (Bellevue).